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Basic Handgun Grip and Stances

Since handguns are primarily used from standing, unsupported positions, handgun marksmanship skills are heavily influenced by positions of the body and the stance one assumes when aiming, firing, and controlling recoil. Each stance alters a shooter’s center of balance while shot stabilization is also managed by the positions of the feet, hips, and shoulders. These… Continue reading Basic Handgun Grip and Stances


Does a Gun Need a Manual Safety?

Manual safety devices are typically a switch, button, or lever which disconnect the trigger, hammer, or firing pin which require active manipulation to engage and disengage. The purpose of an external manual safety is to reduce the possibility of a negligent discharge: An unintentional discharge of a firearm generated by operator negligence. Not all firearms… Continue reading Does a Gun Need a Manual Safety?

Buyers Guide

How Much Should a First Gun Cost?

If one searches the internet, asks a friend, or consults an expert, they will find no shortage of sensible suggestions for a first firearm choice. To supplement widely available information and suggestions, this guide provides a broad list of of firearms categorized by type and price. The goal is to inform prospective firearm owners with… Continue reading How Much Should a First Gun Cost?

Beginners Guides

How Often Should Guns Be Cleaned?

Every firearm should be regularly disassembled and cleaned to maintain optimal function and preserve the life of internal and external parts. Even firearms placed in cold storage should be cleaned and maintained to protect them from the oxidizing effects of ambient humidity and dust. As a general rule of thumb, firearms that are regularly carried… Continue reading How Often Should Guns Be Cleaned?

Beginners Guides

Gun Glossary for Beginners

Here are a list of common terms that might seem a bit esoteric for anyone unfamiliar with firearms. Hopefully, this glossary will help keep new readers informed while facilitating anyone’s search when seeking firearms training or products. This glossary will have terms and illustrations added and update to improve it as an information resource. 0-9… Continue reading Gun Glossary for Beginners

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The Value of Firearms Training

Anyone who owns a firearm (or who is thinking about purchasing their first firearm) should consider formal training with a qualified firearms instructor. Whether a firearm is intended for competition sports, hunting, or self-defense, the value of firearms training cannot be overstated. Becoming a good shot and building proficiency with a firearm can be a… Continue reading The Value of Firearms Training

Buyers Guide

10 Hidden First Gun Costs

Gun ownership goes beyond simply buying a gun. In order to practice and maintain a firearm, a prospective gun buyer should consider the necessary ongoing costs to properly employ, maintain, and secure their firearm purchase. Understanding these costs ahead of time will enable a prospective firearm owner to plan ahead and ultimately minimizes overall costs… Continue reading 10 Hidden First Gun Costs

Buyers Guide

5 Best First Guns to Buy

When considering a first firearm, an ideal selection will make practice and training fun and affordable. Regular use and maintenance is the best way to preserve the mechanical reliability and readiness of any firearm. This guide details 5 recommendations for anyone contemplating their first firearm purchase. Our top recommendation is the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Carbine… Continue reading 5 Best First Guns to Buy