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Basic Handgun Grip and Stances

Since handguns are primarily used from standing, unsupported positions, handgun marksmanship skills are heavily influenced by positions of the body and the stance one assumes when aiming, firing, and controlling recoil. Each stance alters a shooter’s center of balance while shot stabilization is also managed by the positions of the feet, hips, and shoulders. These… Continue reading Basic Handgun Grip and Stances

Buyers Guide

Why People Choose the AR-15

With nearly 60 years of testing, proven deployment, and widespread availability on the civilian market, the AR-15 rifle has set the standard in performance and reliability for semiautomatic rifles. Originally commissioned for military trials in 1958, the select-fire Colt AR-15 became the standard-issue infantry rifle to all branches of the US Military in 1964. It… Continue reading Why People Choose the AR-15

Beginners Guides

How Often Should Guns Be Cleaned?

Every firearm should be regularly disassembled and cleaned to maintain optimal function and preserve the life of internal and external parts. Even firearms placed in cold storage should be cleaned and maintained to protect them from the oxidizing effects of ambient humidity and dust. As a general rule of thumb, firearms that are regularly carried… Continue reading How Often Should Guns Be Cleaned?

Beginners Guides

Gun Glossary for Beginners

Here are a list of common terms that might seem a bit esoteric for anyone unfamiliar with firearms. Hopefully, this glossary will help keep new readers informed while facilitating anyone’s search when seeking firearms training or products. This glossary will have terms and illustrations added and update to improve it as an information resource. 0-9… Continue reading Gun Glossary for Beginners


Dry Fire Safety

Dry fire training improves a shooter’s grip, natural point of aim, sight acquisition, and trigger control through practice with a “dry” or unloaded firearm. This practice can build muscle memory to hone marksmanship fundamentals, ultimately translating into greater accuracy, precision, and speed when using live ammunition. Dry fire training is economical, allowing a person to… Continue reading Dry Fire Safety

Buyers Guide

The Value of Firearms Training

Anyone who owns a firearm (or who is thinking about purchasing their first firearm) should consider formal training with a qualified firearms instructor. Whether a firearm is intended for competition sports, hunting, or self-defense, the value of firearms training cannot be overstated. Becoming a good shot and building proficiency with a firearm can be a… Continue reading The Value of Firearms Training